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CQ Stands for Culture Quotient, Communication Quotient, Cooperation Quotient, Concentration Quotient,
and Creativity Quotient.

Culture is the essence of a country or a person. Naturally it includes the arts – music, art, drama, popular culture
and the like, but it also covers all the inner workings of a society.

Communication is indispensable in today’s world. Knowledge alone is no longer effective. Being able to
communicate effectively is the key.

Cooperation is important because we cannot do it alone any longer. We must work together whether it is within
a country or among countries and the key to cooperation is understanding each other’s culture.

Concentration is a basic factor of society. Because it shows how we know ourselves, what we can do and
what we like to do.

Creativity is our competitiveness. Creativity means a habit which can make us develop ourselves and an
attitude which can enhance us.

CICI provides Korea CQ members with Korean culture forums and opportunities to visit Korean traditional and
modern attractions, ambassadors’ residence and to enjoy arts and performances. Korea CQ is where Korean and
foreign opinion leaders gather and appreciate the importance of CQ and share their opinions by cultural
exchanges. Through this program, Korean members can gain global competitiveness and foreign members can
have a chance to interact with Korean leading figures and to learn true Korean culture.




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