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2016 Oct.  Survey on Korea’s image
  Jul. Survey on the images of Korea and Foreign Countries
  Feb.  Survey on Boosting Revisit Rate of Korean Tourism
2015 Nov.  Survey on ways to vitalize Korean tourism
  March Survey on Korea’s image
  Jan.  Survey on ways to increase the revisit rate of tourists visiting Korea
2014 Nov.  Survey on the Change in Perception of the Image of Korea
  March.  Survey on the comparison between Koreans’ and foreigners’ perception of Korean tourism
2013 Nov.  Survey on Korea’s SNS and communication
2012 Nov.  Survey on Korea’s image and Korean popular culture
  March.  Suvey on Korea’s communication
2011 Oct.  Survey on Korea’s image and globalization of Hansik
2010 Oct.  Survey on the impact of North Korea’s hereditary succession and G20 Seoul Summit on Korea’s image
2009 Oct.  Survey on ways to improve Korea’s brand image
  Apr. Survey on Korea’s general image
2008 Nov.  Survey on Korea’s image and effective ways to convey nation’s image
  Jul.  Survey on current affairs of Korea and Korea’s image
  Jun.  Survey on effective ways to promote Korea’s image by region
2007 Jun.  Survey on Korean food globalization
  Feb.  Survey on Korea’s image
2006 Aug.  Survey on emblem of Korea
2005 Sep.  Survey targeting foreigners married to Koreans on Korea’s image
  Jul.  Survey targeting U.S., Chinese and Japanese citizens on Korea’s image
2003 Sep.  Survey targeting foreign resident teenagers in Korea on Korea’s image
  Jul. Survey on Korea’s image

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